Recommended Riddles

These riddles are dedicatedly appreciated to the inspiration and making of this website! Go check them out if you haven't.

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Riddle Icon Riddle Name "Why should I play?" Additionals
Alternate Visions by Mehphew it's good This was the main inspiration to make this riddle
Crawford's Conundrum by NoahVN I made the homepage lol

Okay that's not the only reason

I actually like the game's uniqueness from other neocities riddles and how it chooses to follow the omnious NotHcom path.
Also, it doesn't completely stump you on Level 2 like other riddles, so if you suck at those riddles, play this.
old level 2 gone
old level 3 gone
old level 4 gone
old level 5 goneliterally every level gone
Notpron by David Munnich It's the parent of literally every online riddle ever made by anyone under 30 or something it's spelt with a 羹
Euclidea (by DissolvedHelium) Good riddle for beginners with creative levels. Play this riddle if you haven't. i like the background image
SomeSeventeen by Hary aersgtthyjridwefthrgefwdefith it's not finished d created by
JEDPuzzle by Raichiu, minus, subplayer FREE PROMO /e tu
More soon...